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How to Plan a Wedding in Zion National Park

The Ultimate Guide for Planning a Wedding in Zion National Park
(complete with pricing and photos)

If you are interested in planning a wedding in Zion National Park this guide is for you! Once you walk amongst the red rock you will be in immediate awe and wonder of this magical place, thus making some awesome photos and memories! Amidst the natural beauty and marriage of sandstone cliffs and water are beautiful spots worthy of a union as magnificent as yours. Read below for a breakdown of what you need to do before your wedding in Zion National Park.

Location is everything

Any wedding at Zion National Park must be under strict adherence to the park’s regulations. You have to obtain a permit to have your big day at one of the six sanctioned locations; the Temple of Sinewava, Menu Falls, Zion Lodge Lawn, Nature Center North Lawn, South Campground Amphitheater, and Timber Creek Overlook. There’s no likelihood of anyone getting permits for locations other than these. You can take photos, follow the trails and capture spectacular moments anywhere else in the park, but ceremonies must be in designated places.

After you have decided on the date(s), you can check the availability of the locations, and if they match your plans, you can place a booking. So it’s good to get a head start over the rest. You’d want to have your wedding in Zion National Park during spring when flowers are blooming and trees are budding, and if you’re lucky, the river water level is just about right. Summer is also great with all the greenery, but the crowds are twice as large. Therefore, if you wish to have an intimate wedding, summer might not be the best time to have it. Every other season can still be great. It all depends on what you prefer. 

Make it official


As with all national parks, you have rules that guide all ceremonies. It would be best if you got a permit for your wedding in Zion National Park much earlier according to your planned event date-at least 21days. You will also need to have a marriage license with you during the event and since it’s valid for only 30 days, get it after everything else is set. The wedding costs here are pretty lower than elsewhere, so you can have your dream wedding at a dreamy cost too!


stern grove wedding redwood trees and a green bench

Choosing pro vendors

Working with an organized vendor who already knows the park makes things a lot easier. You can get a wedding planner to take care of every detail and choose your favorite photographer to capture the special moments-and those are plenty. The rest of your dream wedding team can have a stylist, florist, caterer, cake designer, officiant, and anyone else you need. Read the reviews on the vendors and get someone who can match your style and unique requirements. Some planners and vendors are available locally.


Suggested hikes to do

The beauty of Zion National Park doesn’t just lie in having an elopement, but also the many options to hike! Ones that I have done and personally recommend include


After getting married, you have to explore the rest of Zion National Park. Take as many portrait photos on creeks, canyons, and other beautiful spots as you like. For the best photo sessions, choose a local photographer who knows the area. Afterward, you can have cocktails at any of the nearby resorts or tacos at the Whiptail Grill. 

As a side note, you can have your wedding outside of Zion National Park, especially if you have more guests than they’ll allow in the actual ceremony. There are plenty of places you can choose from, which offer the same magical taste of Zion National Park. Some places worth considering include St. George and Springdale. They are just a short drive from the park, so after the ceremony, you can make your way to there and maybe have a photo-op. 

If you would like to have a Zion National Park wedding, please CONTACT ME to discuss ideas!

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