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San Francisco Wedding Venues

If you are looking to DIY certain items for your wedding, boutonnieres can be a great place to start. While they might be small items, they are critical in adding on your wedding’s aesthetics and come with a variety of options for customization. And to top it all, learning the basics is very easy.
While boutonnieres can be made from a range of materials such as brooches, buttons, fabric and flowers, in this tutorial, I will only teach you how to make flower boutonnieres. For the flowers, I suggest that you go for one with a big head such as a miniature calla lily or a rose as these can survive continuous handling. Ensure that you have extra flowers for practice if you plan on making boutonnieres a day before your wedding.
One of the key considerations you should make when making your wedding boutonniere are your ingredients. These will be determined by the aesthetic of the groom’s attire and wedding. Ensure that your boutonniere accents and complements other existing elements nicely.

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