North Carolina Wedding Venues in the Mountains

The Ultimate Guide to the 12 Best North Carolina Wedding Venues in the Mountains
(complete with pricing and photos)

Ever wondered what it will be like to have your wedding at a scenic mountainside venue? The following is a list of North Carolina wedding venues with all the necessary information such as fee, site options, and guest capacity to start your wedding plans. Choosing an appropriate wedding location for your big day is a crucial step in making your wedding dreams come true, so read below to help with your wedding planning!

Chimney Rock At Chimney Rock State Park

Fee: on demand
Capacity: 15

Imagine exchanging your vows in an outdoor open field in the hills! Mountainside wedding venues are the perfect choice if you’re thinking of a small destination wedding with a few close relatives and friends. The Chimney Rock state park offers breathtaking views of Lake Lure and Hickory Nut Gorge that stretch for 75 miles. This is one of the best North Carolina wedding venues in the mountains.

The Barn At Honeysuckle Hill

Fee: on demand
Capacity: 400

How about being just a few steps away from Asheville? Consider this one-hundred-year-old mansion! This is one of the most gorgeous North Carolina wedding venues in the mountains and has plenty of attractions. These include a former horse farm, complete with antiquated tractors, a massive red building, wood wheel lamps, and a charming flower petal pond. Couples have the option of booking an all-inclusive plan or simply reserving the site and arranging their preferred providers.

Morning Glory Farm

Fee: $4,900 to $5,400
Capacity: 200

The Morning Glory Farm stands out as one of the best wedding venues in North Carolina thanks to its tall woods, fragrant rose shrubs, and a few adorable barnyard creatures, which abound on this 48-acre beautiful sanctuary. 

Vintage lanterns beautifully illuminate the rocky paths of the entire venue. Surprisingly, Charlotte is only 25 miles away from the wedding destination. Morning Glory’s crew is often praised by people as being good to work with and meticulous in their attention to detail.

Windsock At Kinderton

Fee: on demand
Capacity: 400

There’s no doubt that red and white flowers in the background offer beautiful photos with this North Carolina wedding venue in the mountains. This beautiful mountainside wedding venue is also steeped with history! If you prefer exceptional voice and video equipment as important elements of your big day, you will not be dissatisfied. This modern farm emphasizes implementing contemporary technology into its venues.

Fearrington Village

Fee -$1500-$5000
Capacity -300

Fearrington Village is one of the more scenic North Carolina wedding venues in the mountains. Whether on the lawn surrounded by a floral border, around the water fountain in Jenny’s Garden, under the shadow of green apple trees, or by the fire in a quiet location; the gardens create a lovely backdrop for the wedding.

Twickenham House & Hall

Fee: $14000 – $22000
Capacity: 100

Twickenham is a wedding venue in North Carolina situated in the state’s high country, almost 5,000 feet above the water. You can arrange for food and beverages with preferred caterers or collaborate with the owners to create their menu options. 

The wedding party will also get exclusive access to the estate’s many facilities, including bathhouses, a hot tub, and a cinema theater room! The estate has miles of trekking and biking trails and bridge ski resorts trails, which are included within the recommended period of stay. It’ll be a fun and adventure-filled wedding weekend here!

Emerald Ridge Farm

Fee: $7950
Capacity: 51 -175

This farm is isolated among hectares of rural fields, oak trees, and sloping mountains. You can have a gorgeous marriage ceremony in the historic farm structures or under the starlight in the shade of tall trees. The venue is complete with modern country houses with snug guestrooms and so is a great consideration for wedding venues in North Carolina.

Fontana Village Resort

Fee: $100-$1800
Capacity: 50

From a gorgeous historic church to a spacious grassland, the resort offers a variety of indoor and outdoor venue options. All of the wedding festivities are managed by a friendly, approachable staff. The venue also has on-site housing options, as well as a gorgeous waterfront. Furthermore, the 238 miles of coastline beyond will provide a picturesque view!

Junebug Retro Resort

Fee: $5000-$6000
Capacity: 100

Not only is the venue known for its stunning views, which makes it an ideal North Carolina wedding venue in the mountains, but it is also famed for its hospitality.  Guests are free to spend their weekend trekking, exploring, or relaxing on the swings under the shade of walnut branches.

The Farm at Old Edwards

Fee: $3000-$9500
Capacity: 270

The spectacular mountain views from this European-style retreat will catch the attention of all your guests. The Farmhouse features a towering wooden roof and enormous sliding doors that lead to beautiful British lawns, as well as an all-white marriage lawn, an apple orchard, and a charming fish lake with a waterfall and bridal arch.

Mcguire Millrace Farm

Fee: $10,000
Capacity: 250

This magical farmhouse features a grand entrance with little marble columns and a woodwork ceiling. A wonderfully beautiful walkway spans the farm’s shallow pool, making it ideal for scenic North Carolina venues for weddings. A basement chimney can also be found in the 8,000-square-foot farm.

Earthshine Lodge

Fee: on demand 
Capacity– N/A

This quaint timber cottage resort with magnificent alpine hideaways, paired with panoramic mountain vistas and a welcoming ambiance is all that you need for a perfect outdoor wedding! Bookings include the entrance to the 76-acre surroundings as well as overnight lodgings in the guesthouse and a beautiful A-frame morning cottage.


North Carolina wedding venues in the mountains naturally provide a beautiful and relaxing space for all marriages, big or small. Romanticism thrives in this region, from the serene atmosphere of ancient fields to the gorgeous spectacular landscapes of mountains and the beautiful lawns of charming accommodations. With a little tradition, a lot of outdoor recreation, cuisine, and scenic environments, you’ve got all you need for an amazing wedding getaway!

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