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Newborn Photography Guide

If this is your first child or you’ve never had professional newborn photos taken before, you may have a lot of questions, so we’ve put together this Newborn Photography Guide that goes over everything you need to know and what to expect, so you can make the most of your newborn session.


The first days and weeks of your new baby’s life are so incredible, full of memorable moments and first times. As you watch your little one grow and learn, you may be surprised at how quickly they change. Within weeks, you may have trouble remembering the tiny baby you brought home.


That’s why newborn photos are so special. These images capture your child’s first days in the world and give you something to look back on to remember that special time when your life changed forever.



Book early

It’s recommended to book your newborn session at least three months before they’re due . If you are planning on taking maternity photos, consider booking both sessions at the same time, just to make sure you have a spot.


Don’t worry if your baby comes early or late. Once you’ve booked your session, we will hold a spot for you around your due date. We know that your baby can arrive at any time, and we’ll make sure you have a chance to get those newborn photos you’ll love!


Let your photographer know when you’re going home

After you’ve just had a baby, calling your photographer probably isn’t at the top of your to-do list. But letting us know when you and your little one are heading home is essential to making sure we can fit your session in our schedule. It’s best to hand this task off to your significant other or a family member, just so you don’t have to worry about it.


Newborns change and grow quickly, and the older they get, the less comfortable they will be with posing and sleeping during their session. Between seven to ten days is the best time to take take the photos, 14 days the latest. At this point infants start to move around more and spend more time awake. You want your little one to be as sleepy as possible to get those adorable newborn images!


Be aware of where to go.


[Insert when to arrive at session, where to park/parking options, and things to do around the studio, like restaurants or shopping]


Make sure your baby is sleepy and hungry

Speaking of sleepy, don’t let your little one nap right before your session. The sessions are best when they’re in a deep sleep. To prepare, keep them stimulated for at least a couple hours before your session. That also means keeping them awake during the car ride to the studio and refraining from feeding them as well.


Even if it seems like your baby will sleep through anything, you want to be certain they will snooze through the session to help us get those cuddly baby poses that every parent loves!


Choose baby’s outfit and accessories


The perfect wardrobe for a newborn? Nothing! You want your images to capture those tiny fingers and toes and soft baby skin. Be sure to dress your newborn in an outfit that’s easy to take off and put on again. Avoid anything tight that may leave marks or indentations on their skin – we want to capture that soft baby skin just as it was on the day they were born. You may also want to loosen their diaper about half an hour before your session to avoid any diaper marks as well.


In terms of accessories, you’re welcome to bring any sentimental items that hold special meaning for you and your family, like a blanket that’s been in your family for generations or a toy from your childhood. Items like this are a great way to add personal detail to your images.


 [Describe what props, wraps, etc. you have available in the studio for parents to use for their photos.]


Determine your own look


Even though the your little one will be the main focus, you’ll want photos of the two of you as well! Go for something simple and comfortable. Makeup is definitely not required, but a little touching up can help you feel fresh and at ease for the camera. It also helps to use a few basic hair products to keep strays in place.


Be prepared for crying and maybe some messes

Your newborn will cry during your session, and that’s okay! We’ve seen it all so don’t be embarrassed when you have trouble calming down your baby. These things will get easier with time and remember, you’re new at this!


Don’t worry if your baby poops or pees during some of their images. Bringing along extra clothes for anyone in the session who may be holding the newborn is a good precaution. We’re totally prepared to clean up and get right back to work!


Take time to relax

While you will be in some of the photos as well, your newborn session is a good time for you to relax while we capture some adorable images of your little one. Chances are you haven’t had a full night’s sleep in a while, so take the opportunity to just hang out. Your baby is in great hands!


Your little one will also need some time out to snuggle and eat. We won’t rush you! Your newborn photography experience should be beautiful and relaxing for you, so don’t stress about taking time out to comfort or feed your baby. Our goal is to create a comfortable and relaxing environment for everyone involved.


You’ve booked your newborn session, and you’re eagerly awaiting the arrival of your little one! But do you know everything you need to do to prepare for getting those dreamy first photos of your new baby? If you have any questions about your session, I’d love to talk to you! But to make you feel a little more prepared, here are some basic tips to help you make the most of your newborn session.


Don’t change your routine

To keep your little one happy, don’t change their diet or daily routine before your session. Continue with your regular feedings, and don’t forget to pack plenty of bottles for the shoot if you formula-feed.  


Be prepared for a warm studio

To make sure your newborn is warm and comfortable, I keep the room temperature high, but it may be a little toasty for you! Be sure to dress comfortably or wear layers you can easily remove.


Talk to older siblings

If you have older children, it can be so much fun to include them in the newborn session! Just be sure to talk to them beforehand about listening to the photographer and behaving during the shoot. And don’t forget to pack some non-messy snacks as well!


What to Pack

I’ve put together this checklist to help you pack everything you need in your diaper bag!

  • Plenty of diapers and wipes: Accidents happen, and you’ll want to be prepared.

  • Extra outfits for you and baby: Again, it’s best to be prepared! Bring extra clothes for you and your little one, just in case there’s an accident and you need a change.

  • Pacifiers: Your baby may get a little fussy between shots, so bring along some pacifiers.

  • Bottles: Be sure to bring enough bottles and formula for three to four feedings throughout your session. And if you’re nursing, it doesn’t hurt to bring some supplementary bottles just in case!

  • Snacks for you: Parents get hungry too! Pack some non-messy snacks and water for you and the rest of the family.

  • Sentimental items: Don’t forget to pack any additional items that you want to include in the session.


Choosing your images

[Describe the process of getting images to clients. Do they choose the images or do you pick the best ones? How long does it take to get photos? Will they receive prints and/or digital copies with print release? What packages are available?]

Hopefully this Newborn Photography Guide eases the stress! If you still have more questions or are interested in a Newborn photo session, contact me down below!

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