How to Make an Elopement Special

Ultimate Guide on How to Make an Elopement Special
(with tips and tricks from past couples)

If you are considering having an elopement, check out this post on how to make an elopement special to give you ideas to planning your epic day!

Often times, the reason and purpose of a wedding is lost with so many voices and opinions given from all sides. So take a moment to read below on the best ways on how to make an elopement special to remind yourself why you are choosing to elope, and focusing on what matters most to you and your partner.

Have a first look

First, looks aren’t exclusive to conventional weddings. A first look is the opportunity to add a sense of mystique, surprise, and a dash of extra excitement for the upcoming big day. While both parties prepare separately, take this opportunity to focus on the vows and envision the adventure you are about to embark on. Things could get emotional really fast, so be ready for this part.

Make it a destination wedding

Since it is about the couple, you can graciously skip some of the steps from traditional wedding ceremonies. You can afford to go to your dream destinations and have it become the elopement venue come honeymoon. This way, your honeymoon begins immediately after the vows, and there’s no need to wait for a ceremony to be over to head out to a honeymoon.

Here are the best 101 places to elope for ideas

Add unique elements of your personalities to the wedding

Forget suit and tie and glowing dress traditions. With an elopement, allow both your personalities to come through, as there are no rules to eloping. For one, if you like hiking, have your elopement at the top of the highest peaks you have hiked. If you love food, hire your favorite chef to make a custom meal to mark this special day. Besides, the world is your oyster, and the more custom, the more memorable it becomes.

Nothing says unique and personal like this Halloween Cemetery Wedding

Spend money on the things that matter to you such as experiences

To be fair, booking wedding venues, decorating them, and catering to guests make up a huge chunk of traditional wedding budgets. Eloping offers you the financial freedom to do what makes you happy. Whether it’s a dream dress, having the best photographer, or getting the best rings, just do you. Whatever you do, splurging on the things that matter to you will make the most sense now and in the long term. Sometimes the best memories are made from being a little bit selfish and going to that destination city or doing that adventure experience you have always talked about but never did.

Create a custom elopement script

If you have been to many weddings and hated how the events flowed, this is your time to make it how you want. For instance, no rule dictates that you should utter the vows at the end of the ceremony. You are free to switch up everything as you please, starting with custom vows, clothes, themes, and activities. You can opt to make it a full-day celebration and have a date in your calendar that means more than just an official ceremony. Just like traditional weddings have a photographer with them for almost the whole day, have yours come with you through the day and document everything in high definition.

san francisco elopement

Be spontaneous

While an elopement is as intentional as marriages go, an elopement allows you to lay off the trick plans and do something just because you want to. It allows you to change your mind and do things on a whim to make everything fun and memorable. Surprises are good and should be embraced. You can choose to have a pleasant surprise in store for your partner or just do things because it feels like the right thing for the moment. Doing things because you love them will enhance the vibes and become the cherry on top of your elopement.

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