Golden Gate Park Dating Photos


Having moved from Los Angeles, Vincent wanted to up his dating profile for this new City with some Golden Gate Park dating photos. Vincent wanted to up his dating profile in order to increase his chances of meeting someone, having already lived in the City for several months now. Being separated for a couple years, he’s been absorbed in his career, he said he has not even had time to sightsee in San Francisco, let alone see new people. Always a wise decision to stand out from the crowd with a professional photoshoot, Vincent knew that having a professional shoot would play into his professional career and personality. When ever I have , I always ask what kind of mood I want to play which is a combo between their wardrobe and setting choice. For example, a suit and tie lawyer is a strange look at the beach, and a yogi type would feel out of place in a museum. Vincent wanted a casual yet professional appearance and I suggested doing earth tones and nature in his images and a wooded area in Golden Gate Park provided the perfect setting. Secluded from the street, this area provides enough privacy for those a little more self conscious about having a solo photoshoot done and helps calm the nerves of being in front of the camera. After several outfit changes, we made our way to get a different setting and more architectural focus with the focus with the columns at the Golden Gate music concourse. Here Vincent was able to incorporate a little more variety by sitting and leaning against things but also portray a little more playfulness in his images and hopefully to the viewer. As we were shooting, a gentleman around the same age walked by and said “Great location choice!” and I couldn’t agree more.

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