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Temple Beth Abraham Bar Mitzvah

Arjun held his bar mitzvah at Temple Beth Abraham in Oakland, the second oldest of four brothers. As is typical in synagogue tradition, the bar / bat mitzvah is typically held on a Saturday and photos are not allowed during the ceremony. This being said, it is typical to do the photoshoot of the ceremony a few days before, allowing the parents to take family group photos and unobstructed views and memories of their child reading the Torah and transitioning into adulthood. This was the second time I have photographed at Temple Beth Abraham, and it is always so great to see and experience new cultures and traditions and to see the proud faces of the parents and the young adult and their hard work paying off. This was a surprising grouping for the modern family as there were four boys in the Bornstein Family! Needless to say, it was entertaining seeing the dynamics of the two oldest boys with the two young boys as they playfully roughhouse and annoy each other in random ways (boys will be boys eh haha?). As the boys were goofing off to the side, I can only smile at their mom and tell her that their actions were exactly how I was with my brother and I felt for her. It was a short gig but meaningful for all involved, and I hope to be there for the two youngest kids in the future!