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Airplane Engagement Shoot

“So…would you be interested in doing an airplane engagement shoot?” Jamie asked me. (eyes wide open) “Umm…YES!!!” I replied! I always love working with different and adventurous couples – and a unique idea like this for Jamie and Andrew’s airplane themed engagement shoot was something I couldn’t pass up on, despite getting motion sickness on every small plane and boat I’ve ever been on! I relayed this information to her and Jamie assured me she was more sensitive than I and that she has never had a problem with anyone. With (and let’s be honest even without) those words of assurance replaying in my head as we lifted off the ground, the flood of ideas to incorporate the plane into their couples portraits overcame my stomach and I survived the trip without any problems 🙂

After flying to a few other runways and not falling in love with the scenery we ended up at a runway near Tracy and knew the open space, availability of a refueling post, and an air-conditioned station would serve as the perfect photo shoot location. After doing some wider shots displaying the full airplane I opted for more fun reflections in the windows and utilizing layers with the airplane propellers (my favorite part of the plane) in all their glory close to the camera.

It’s so cool to share in Jamie and Andrew’s love for flying and being able to spend a few hours seeing the extensive knowledge needed for flying and maintaining your own plane. For them, it was just another gorgeous day to do something together. While others may go for a walk in the park, these two prefer a flight through the clouds! If this is any indication of how fun their wedding is going to be, I cannot wait!

(Update : see their airplane dance moves at their wedding!)